Water Shut Off Instructions

The Board of Directors would like to encourage owners in locating their water “turn off” valve located in your front yards.  It would be very beneficial and potentially financially favorable for you and or your tenant to know where to find this cut off valve in case of an emergency where a water pipe breaks in the attic for instance.  Turning off the water to the house could potentially save you thousands of dollars in damage to your property.

The main water meter has a large round metal lid on it.  Do not try to turn the water off  under this large metal lid because Water District #17 says it could result in damages, and you would be responsible for repairs.  Next to the large round meter lid will be a small round lid about 6-8 inches round and this is the water “turn off” for your property.  Turning the lever will turn off the water to your house.

Please try to locate your water “turn off” valve and have your tenant aware of it’s location.  Many of the lids are covered over with grass.  Remove the grass covering the lid so that you can easily find it in case of an emergency.