Tenant Update Form


Unit owners must provide a copy of the lease and the Tenant Information and Update Form along with $100 payment to the Association at least 10 days before the start of the lease term. This form must be SIGNED by the TENANT(S) and OWNER.  You may also find the full Leasing Policy here.

Owners must provide Tenants a copy of all governing documents (which are found on this website) of the association including all applicable rules. By signing below Tenant agrees he/she has been provided such documents. All tenants are responsible for compliance with all applicable deed restrictions; by signing below Tenant represents that he/she has read and agrees to comply with all such restrictions.

The obligations of Owner and Tenant referenced in this form shall be considered additional provisions of the lease contract between Owner& Tenants. To the extent any lease provisions conflict with the language of this form, the language of this form controls.

Nothing in this form shall be interpreted to constitute a release of obligations of owners to ensure compliance with deed restrictions by their tenants. Under the deed restrictions of the association, owners are ultimately responsible for all deed restriction violations committed by tenants or guests.

Please send the signed lease and Tenant Information and Update Form to the Courtyard at the Preserve HOA via mail at the below address or email to the management office at [email protected].

Courtyard at the Preserve, P.O. Box 92649, Austin, TX 78709