Xeriscape Guidelines

The Courtyard at the Preserve has adopted Xeriscape Guidelines for the community.  Before removing any sod and/or installing any plant material, you must submit a landscape plan to [email protected].  Here are the general guidelines to consider:

Large areas may not be composed of a single material, i.e. bare mulch/rock is not allowed unless interspersed with plants.

Existing trees may not be removed to be replaced with xeriscaping.

Non-turf planted areas must be bordered to define the xeriscaped area clearly from the turfed areas.

Xeriscaped areas must be kept maintained at all times (plants trimmed and thinned, weeded, and borders edged) to ensure a reasonably attractive appearance.

Only rocks an inch or more in diameter may be used.

Borders/edging will be required to contain rocks used in xeriscaping.

You can find the full xeriscape guidelines at this link.